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Iceland Partners With Carbon Trust

July 20, 2021

Iceland is working with the Carbon Trust to measure its Scope 3 carbon footprint. The Carbon Trust will also be reviewing the supermarket’s Scope 1 & 2 emissions to validate its methodology and ensure no areas are overlooked within both Scope’s calculations.

Scope 1 and 2 emissions relate to systems that are within reasonable control of Iceland. Scope 1 emissions are the direct greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions that occur from sources that are controlled or owned by Iceland and Scope 2 emissions are indirect GHG emissions associated with the purchase of energy. Scope 3 includes all other indirect emissions that occur across Iceland’s value chain.

The Scope 3 carbon work report will be concluded in Autumn 2021 with Iceland publishing a report of the results afterwards.

Richard Walker, Managing Director of Iceland said: “Working with the Carbon Trust will allow us to accurately track and report on our carbon footprint across all three Scopes, as we continue to work towards our goal of achieving net zero by 2040, ten years ahead of the Government’s target.”

Iceland has so far achieved a 74% reduction in its Scope 1 and 2 emissions (using a baseline of 2011) and became the first food retailer to join Amazon and Global Optimism’s Climate Pledge in February 2021, with a commitment to tackle scope 3 emissions and achieve net-zero by 2040 at the latest.