Iceland freezers find a new home through The Trussell Trust

July 30, 2018

Iceland donated 10 surplus freezers to The Trussell Trust, which supports a nationwide network of food banks, providing emergency food and support to people who are locked in poverty.

Freezers were donated to food banks in North West England and North Wales at Chester, Fylde, South Sefton, South Liverpool, Southport, Middleton, Prestatyn, Wrexham and Abergele.

The business was able to donate freezers that had been removed from its stores as part of its continuing refit programme; these were all serviced and cleaned before being delivered to their new homes, to ensure that they were in good working order. Iceland also donated store vouchers alongside the freezers.

Although The Trussell Trust does not currently offer frozen food to its service users, the freezers have proved of value in allowing the Trust to extend the life of fresh bread, which is otherwise wasted after it has passed its use by date. This ensures a more reliable supply of this staple food for food bank users.