Iceland launches plastic-free chewing gum

August 1, 2018

Iceland has become the only supermarket chain in the UK to sell plastic-free chewing gum.

The primary ingredient in most chewing gum is ‘gum base’ – a non-biodegradable substance made with synthetic polymers, plasticisers, softeners, texturisers and emulsifiers among other ingredients, which impart their unique properties to chewing gum.

With more than 100,000 tonnes of chewing gum being consumed every year, it is estimated that 95% of Britain’s streets are now stained with the substance and local councils spend around £60m each year cleaning it up.

Simply Gum is made from all-natural ingredients and is completely biodegradable, making it better for the environment. The gum is made from a tree sap called chicle, which is extracted from the sapodilla tree, native to Central America.

The decision to stock the product forms part of Iceland’s mission to enable UK consumers to reduce their single-use plastic consumption.

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