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Iceland Launches Plastic-Free & Reduces Plastic Packaging Trials For Potato & Fish Products

July 20, 2021

Iceland is launching a plastic-free packaging trial for its British White Potatoes (£1.50, 2kg) and a reduced plastic trial for its 4 Atlantic Cod Fillets (£4.00, 450g), and eight other fish products, helping its customers to serve a more sustainable fish and chips dinner, while continuing its journey to reduce its plastic packaging footprint.

The supermarket has announced that paper packaging will replace its British White Potatoes (£1.50, 2kg) plastic format, with the new format being trialled in 33 of its stores in the London area.

Iceland’s new cartonboard packaging for its 4 Atlantic Cod Fillets (£4.00, 450g) and eight other fish lines will reduce plastic usage by nearly 90 per cent, with a potential to save 84 tonnes of plastic each year during its trials in 17 stores within the Manchester area.

The switch in packaging on potatoes and the nine fish products has the potential to save a combined total of 96 tonnes of plastic per year for the frozen food retailer, adding to Iceland’s total of 3,794 tonnes reported for 2019 that have been removed from its own-label packaging since the start of 2018.

Iceland will monitor customer feedback to its new packaging across the participating stores, continuing to gather insights into how consumers respond to plastic-free packaging alternatives.