Iceland signs UK Soy Manifesto

November 9, 2021

Iceland has signed the UK Soy Manifesto, a new agreement designed to ensure all physical shipments of soy to the UK are deforestation and conversion free by 2025.

The manifesto has been signed by 27 of the UK’s biggest industry leaders, the largest grocery retailers, some of the largest meat producers and food service companies and brands. Those that have signed the manifesto have committed to cutting deforestation and habitat destruction out of UK soy supply chains as soon as possible, and by 2025 at the latest.

The Manifesto aims to raise the bar for all UK industries and match the existing successes of other national agreements such as the French Soy Manifesto and other platforms, helping to ‘scale up’ European influence and leverage on global soy markets.

Through the implementation of the Manifesto, leaders across the industry will be able to talk confidently about the sustainability of their physical soy supply chains, to create change on a large scale, and to ensure deforestation-free soy becomes a reality.

The launch of The UK Soy Manifesto at COP26 marks the start of great change, and now, Iceland and the 26 other businesses who have pledged for a more sustainable future for soy, will work to implement changes to meet its goals and encourage other leading businesses to do the same.

You can read more about the UK Soy Manifesto here.