New book outlines Richard Walker’s manifesto for corporate activism

March 21, 2021

Richard Walker, Managing Director of Iceland Foods will share his unique approach to leading a sustainable business agenda in a new book, which will be published in April.

The Green Grocer sets out Richard’s learnings since he embarked on Iceland’s ‘Doing it Right’ plan in 2017 and his practical advice for business of all sizes that want to make a positive difference.

The Green Grocer

Growing up, Richard never wanted to work in the family business or attempt to follow in the legendary footsteps of his father, who founded the company in 1970. But following a successful property career in Europe and the UK, and after spending a year training in-store between 2012 and 2013, he joined the head office team in his early 30s, fully aware of his inherited privilege. This awareness means he has never taken his position for granted and he has always strived to make good use of it.

This debut book is about his quest to find purpose with profit for Iceland. He offers clear-sighted advice about how leaders can make genuine progress on sustainable initiatives while being realistic about profit margins, and obligations to customers and colleagues. His experience provides inspiration for any business, whether a large corporation, a start-up, a kitchen-table entrepreneur, or a sole trader, to make a difference.

Split into six chapters covering what businesses need to do, how to eliminate single-use plastic and palm oil, government responsibilities, lessons from Covid-19 and why Richard is optimistic about the future, The Green Grocer is intended to inspire tangible change. He openly discusses the backlash he faced following the release of Iceland’s banned Rang-Tan 2018 Christmas advert, how the food retailer coped with panic buying incentivised by fear of a national lockdown in 2020, and praises the many ways that start-ups are leading the charge against single-use plastic. Each chapter concludes with key takeaways to provide readers with advice for next steps and fundamental learnings.

All Richard’s proceeds from the book will go to the Iceland Foods Charitable Foundation. It will be published as a paperback by DK at a £12.99.

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