Building futures


We offer Level 3 and 4 Apprenticeships to internal and external candidates eager to train as Supervisors or Store Managers. With our partners, Lifetime Training, the courses are designed to maximise potential and teach good leaderships skills, rather than just good management skills, building a better workforce for the future.

Apprentices receive competitive salaries from their first day on the job and are supported by their Area Manager and a Lifetime Training apprenticeship coach. We are proud that due to the apprenticeship programme, over 125 apprentices will have gained qualifications equivalent to GCSE-level when they didn’t have them before.

In 2018, we recruited 302 apprentices, 90% of which were filled by internal progression. The bespoke programme involves 80% on-the-job practical learning and 20% skills-based theoretical learning.

Apprentice of the Year

We are especially proud of our colleague Alina Solomka who was the first Iceland Apprentice Store Manager to be signed off as the Store Manager of her own shop and was recently named Apprentice of the Year at the BFFF People Awards 2019.