Iceland joins #Hope4Hope campaign in support of former colleague

June 3, 2020

Iceland is raising awareness of DKMS (the international non-profit bone marrow donor centre) and stem cell donorship, in support of former colleague Luke Hope who urgently needs to find a matching bone marrow donor.

Luke, who has since left the business to concentrate on his apprenticeship, was first diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia the day before his 18th birthday, when he was employed at the Iceland store in Gorse Hill. He kept in touch with his colleagues throughout his treatment and was well enough to return to work after nine months of chemotherapy in 2019.

Sadly, Luke relapsed in January and lost his sight in his right eye, and now needs a life-saving bone marrow stem cell transplant. Despite leaving the business, Luke is very much still part of the Iceland family, with dad Paul working as an Iceland lorry driver, and sister Bethany working in the Gorse Hill store. Iceland has agreed to support #Hope4Hope, a social media campaign set up by Luke’s family, to raise awareness of Luke’s story and encourage people to register to become stem cell donors.

If you are 17-55 years of age and in good health, please follow the link to request a swab kit to become a blood stem cell donor today and, if you can afford to, please consider contributing towards the cost of your registration at:

Follow Luke’s journey here.