Our People

Valuing our people

Iceland is often described as ‘a family business’ – we just happen to employ 30,000 people.

The business has always seen its people as the absolute heart of its success and encouraged the unique sense of family that brings people together to support their colleagues and community.

The ‘Doing it Right’ plan – our sustainability strategy – is directed and brought to life through the passion of our colleagues on the front line, telling us the causes they care about and improving people’s lives on a daily basis through outstanding customer and community service every day.

Work with us

We are always on the look-out for talented people to help us build an even more successful business.

Working for Iceland is more than just a job. You get to learn new skills of course, but it’s also a chance to make changes – to your own job, your store, your department or even the company.

So if you want to take things further just click the read more link and jump in!

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